The Fitness People

Our professional consultants include experts in all areas of fitness management and development, so that we can provide you with a sound concept and sound business plan.

We will assist you with every aspect of developing and operating your fitness center:

From the start of your project:
Initial plans for operations:
Initial operation of the fitness center:
On going assistance:

Short and long term budgets and financial analysis.
Accounting services: Financial statement and tax return preparation
Audit services may also be available if necessary.
On going sales and staff training.


Corporate wellness programs

A corporation can generate between a $2.52 and $5.20 return on every dollar spent on implementing a corporate wellness program by:

Learn how to identify high risk employees and implement various wellness strategies.

Senior programs

We can not prevent the onset of aging however, we can significantly delay the process. Through well planned activity and education programs supported by empirical research we can dramatically increase the functionality and wellbeing of seniors at whatever age. Our delay the onset of aging program and freedom through functionality program provide solutions for both the active elderly and the frail and elderly market.

Weight management

The key to successful long term management is consistent activity combined with balanced nutrition. Our weight management program can benefit users by an improvement in body composition of 11.5 pounds in 8 weeks

Combating child obesity

With 32% of the nation’s children overweight combating child obesity and inactivity is a challenge that traditional exercise protocols have failed to meet. Our child & youth wellness program provides today’s solutions for today’s kids by offering an activity that kids want to do not have to do. The program is totally inclusive and does not discriminate against the overweight, deconditioned, uncoordinated and non athletic.


The activity is enjoying 35% growth per annum. Appealing to those many of whom could be described as participating in the growing mind / body segment of the fitness industry. Obtain guidance on commercial and consumer solutions for Pilates and the attendant education which ensures its success.